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Whitepaper v0.1


Whitepaper v0.1


La Peseta - Spanish Cryptocurrency


1. What is La Peseta. 1
2. Tokenomic System. 2
3. Investment strategies and objectives. 2
4. Exchange Plataforms. 3


1. What is La Peseta.

1.1 It is a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) project created in the Binance Smart Chain network. Its main purpose is to be used as a form of daily payment. This is possible due to its speed, low network cost and does not need to be mined to verify transactions, so it makes it sustainable and clean energetically with the environment.

1.2 We are also integrating more long-term goals, such as NFT games, currency integration into payment platforms, etc. The objectives and progress will be updated in the roadmap.

1.3 The traditional Peseta was the currency of the Spanish state before the euro entered. Today it continues in the minds of many Spaniards and we remember it with great longing. Thinking about being able to use La Peseta as a digital asset again is something that we are passionate about and full of illusion. Many expressions are still said, doing mathematical calculations with pesetas, instead of euros, etc.

They also lived for years with the royals, it was the fraction of 1 Peseta. Older people remember and comment on those moments with great longing.

2. Tokenomic System.

2.1 The Peseta uses the Tokenomic system, so it rewards the holders and helps to continue developing the project, without the need to have large investors and that the lack of liquidity can endanger the project.

The tokenomic system you use is, for each purchase, sale or transfer a commission of 10% is automatically charged.

Of that 10% commission, it is distributed as follows:

The 5% commission is distributed among all holders of La Peseta.

The 5% commission goes to the main wallet of the project, for development, marketing, etc.

2.2 The tokenomic system is open to pause, increase or decrease percentages at any time, but no more coins can be created.

The total supply is 47 billion, in honor of the 47 million Spaniards or so who live in Spain. Each Peseta has 9 decimal places, so they are called Reales.

The coins in circulation are 80%, 19% are in a private wallet to secure the project in the future and another 1% has been burned. La Peseta uses cold wallets for safekeeping, such as Trust Wallet or Metamask.

3. Investment strategies and objectives

3.1 Before creating the project, we were studying the market, the potential they have as a project and all the possibilities we have when it comes to continuing to move forward with new objectives. From listings on Exchange, integration of the currency

in payment platforms, integration in NFT games or using the Iota protocol (Internet of All Things), etc.

Our greatest desire is to improve peseta by peseta and take advantage of the potential of new technologies to build a more just, transparent and sustainable world with the environment.

3.2 We believe that the project is much more than a simple form of payment, so we are working hard to comply with future regulations not only with our country (Spain) but also internationally.

3.3 For any investor after the market study, we believe that it has an incredible exponential growth, due to its low supply and continuous burning for each transaction.

Once the first purchase is made, you will then see that your initial amount increases thanks to the transactions. The more quantity you possess, the greater the reward. Remember that the 5% you return is for each transaction.

This can mean that a transfer, purchase or sale of Pesetas, can obtain a large amount.

Our biggest long-term goal is to distribute the tokens to the maximum, the more holders the better. That is why we think and act in such a way that we can guarantee the distribution, be it the time necessary for it.

4. Exchange Platforms.

4.1 The decentralized exchange platforms that can be bought or sold La Peseta, are many. Some of the most used are:

Pancakeswap, Dexguru, Dextools, Poocoin.

4.2 Centralised exchange platforms are:

Latoken, Eurocoinpay (Ongoing)

4.3 Information and official links of the project.

La Peseta Contract :


Official Website :


Address of La Peseta.


Decentralized exchange exchange.




Our social networks :






This project is supported, created and registered in the company:

Cripto Digital S.L,

Address: Calle Gran Via, número 199

Postal code: 07300 Inca

Balearic Islands

Tax no.: B16958605

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Con motivo del Primer Aniversario, el Equipo de La Peseta (PTA) ha reducido los Fees al 0% por un tiempo limitado para hacer la criptomoneda tradeable al 100% y mejorar el valor en el mercado.